How a Pain Expert Offers Back Pain Treatment Solutions Comparable to an Orthopedist

Back pain affects more than 100 million Americans, resulting in $600 billion worth of medical costs and lost productivity, according to the study of the Institute of Medicine (IOM). Many Americans have gone to an orthopedist but not all have received sufficient pain relief. Furthermore, since an orthopedist corrects bone abnormalities or injuries through surgery or casting, some patients would like a less invasive approach. Due to the demand for non-invasive back pain treatment, a pain relief expert explains three common and effective non-surgical options.

Physical Therapy

If low back pain has persisted for two to six weeks, a physician may suggest physical therapy. Other spine specialists may even recommend physical therapy earlier for severe back pain. The main objectives of physical therapy are to reduce pain, improve function, and offer education regarding body maintenance to avoid further health problems. Read more from this blog:


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