Your Disc Pain May Be More Serious Than You Think If You’re Experiencing These

Often times throughout our daily life, we take things for granted. Take for instance, your spinal discs. These are responsible for protecting our spine by absorbing shocks produced by various daily activities, whether that’s lifting, walking or any other activity. Most people forget about the existence of their spinal discs, until they start to experience severe pain.

Your Disc May Be Compromised

Your spinal column is made of a series of bones stacked onto each other and separated by discs. The discs that help protect these bones are made of 80 percent water and have two parts, a soft inner portion and a tougher outer ring. In the case of weakness or an injury, the inner portion could suddenly protrude straight to through the outer ring. When this happens, a person may experience the pain of a herniated or slipped disc. On the other hand, when a certain amount of pressure forces the disc to stretch, it may result in a bulging disc. Read more from this blog:


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