Neuropathy in Paramus, NJ: Patients Need Your Utmost Understanding

Understanding Neuropathy Patients and Their Challenging Condition


It can be difficult for other people—even close family and friends—to understand the pain that neuropathy can bring. In extreme cases, the symptoms can be downright excruciating, manifesting as a burning pain that leaves a sufferer agonizing as if the affected body part is on fire. Some people complain of ‘electric shock’ symptoms followed by spasms and cramps.

That said, neuropathy in Paramus, NJ is as unique as the individual suffering from them, so the symptoms described here can range from mild to extreme. Mixed pain signals are not uncommon as well. For instance, stepping on a tiny pebble can feel like stepping on a nail, and bathing in hot water can make a neuropathy sufferer feel cold, and vice versa. Ironically, numb skin surfaces can feel the most painful underneath.

As you can see from these descriptions, neuropathy can make little sense to those who don’t experience or understand it. Unfortunately, it matters less whether they understand it or not. You can still end up getting confined to a wheelchair. In worst cases, you could even die from the condition. Read more from this article:


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