Bounce Back from Back Pain: 4 Tips for Paramus, NJ Disc Pain Relief

A Man Massages His Back in an Attempt to Relieve His Lower Back Pain


More and more people are living sedentary lifestyles. Unfortunately, this only serves to increase their chances of getting struck down by lower back pain at some point in their lives. If you’re worried that this may happen to you someday, now’s the time to act. With a few little lifestyle changes, you can put yourself in a good position—literally and figuratively—to avoid disc pain or keep it from coming back. Your Paramus, NJ disc pain relief expert offers you these tips.

Stop Sitting All Day

If most of your waking hours are spent sitting in the car, the office, and the couch, you’re putting yourself at risk of back problems when you grow old. Make it a point to get up from your backside every 20 minutes, and stand or walk around for at least two minutes before sitting down again. This alleviates body stagnation and brings some much-needed blood flow to the muscles. Read more from this article:

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