Ridgewood NJ Back Pain Experts Share 4 Scoliosis-Centric Exercises

A Woman Who is Experiencing Debilitating Scoliosis Endures Her Pain

Scoliosis is a debilitating spine condition. It is often seen in childhood, but it can also appear in adulthood. An increasing number of adults are suffering from the condition for a variety of reasons, including prolonged, uneven pelvic position at work, knee or foot distortions, and even injuries to the spine and head.

When scoliosis starts rearing its ugly head, patients can actually alleviate the pain through scoliosis-specific exercises. Such physical activities can help provide relief by releasing tension in the muscles that control the spine. They also help increase blood circulation in the area, as well as improve lubrication in the joints. Below are four exercises for scoliosis that you can perform at home or in the gym to help you manage the pain, as recommended by Ridgewood, NJ back pain experts. Read more from this blog: http://bit.ly/2pV875E

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