The Importance of Getting Immediate Sciatica Relief

Get Immediate Sciatica Relief so the Pain Does Not Get Any Worse

Some people don’t even know it, but they are actually suffering from a condition called sciatica. This usually manifests as pain running down from the lower back all the way through the legs, and sometimes even reaching the toes. Often, sufferers even describe feeling like there’s an electrical current shooting down their leg. Sometimes, they could also feel burning or searing pain. Untreated, sciatica only gets worse, which is why it is recommended for patients to get immediate treatment.

Sciatica Symptoms

There are other telltale signs that you may have sciatica apart from those mentioned above. If you’ve been feeling some painful sensation on either one of your legs–in some occasions, even on both legs–try to determine where in your leg or lower back it is coming from.

Sciatica pertains to pain affecting the sciatic nerve, which runs down through the back of the thigh to the lower leg, and down to the foot. It doesn’t mean that the discomfort is limited to that area, however. If you have sciatica, you can also feel pain on the hip area as well as the lower back.

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