Healing Nerves: Natural Pain Relief is Possible for Chronic Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition relating to the peripheral nerves in the hands, feet, arms, and legs as well as the mouth, face, and internal organs. The nerves send messages to the brain via the central nervous system about physical sensations from these parts of the body. When these peripheral nerves malfunction, it causes tingling and stabbing pain in the affected area. The cause of neuropathy may be an injury or illness, but it is possible that the cause cannot be accurately determined. The good news is that you can get neuropathy pain relief in northern NJ.

Neuropathy is a common condition that may be a compilation of several different medical conditions. The motor nerves, autonomic, and sensory nerves may be involved. The most common causes of neuropathy in Paramus, NJ and other areas are poor dietary choices leading to vitamin deficiencies, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, exposure to toxic substances, certain medications, infections, and injuries.

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