Paramus, NJ Sciatica Therapies and Exercise Guarantee Better Results

The sciatic nerve is considered as the longest nerve in the body, as it runs along from the lower back, and then continues to the back of the thigh, up until below the knee. If a person experiences any kind of discomfort in this area, he might be suffering from sciatica. Lifting heavy loads, sitting down for long hours, or being physically inactive can cause this condition.

The pain brought by sciatica is often due to the irritation of the sciatic nerve. Its common cause is the herniation of the lumbar disc (found in the lower back), which then leads to inflammation of the nerve. Sciatica brings pain in the leg area but it is also related to back problems. Patients, who suffer from such a condition, are prescribed various medical treatments that usually include injections, medications, and surgeries.


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