Orthopedic Doctor in Northern NJ Helps Treat Painful ACL Injuries

Such sprains may be caused by a person’s sudden change in direction while he or she is walking or running; or an awkward landing on the knee after jumping. The OrhtoInfo article states that a “popping” sound can be heard when the ACL has been damaged, followed by the knee giving out from under the person. Further symptoms of an ACL injury would be swelling of the knee for over 24 hours, severe discomfort when walking, or the inability to fully extend or bend the knees.

In the event that New Jersey residents experience such knee-related pains, they can enlist the help of an orthopedic doctor in Northern NJ like those from MedWell Spine, OsteoArthritis & Neuropathy Center. These experts can help determine the kind of knee injury that may have been sustained, and recommend appropriate treatment.


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