Northern NJ Orthopedist: Getting Athletes Back on Track After Injury

The list of common injuries includes Plantar Fascitis, Ankle sprain, ACL strain, quad strain, hamstring pull, hip bursitis, low back pain, and tennis elbow. These are mostly brought about by overusing and overstretching the muscles, bones, and ligaments, which can result in bone dislocations and the tearing of tissues. Sufferers ultimately face discomfort and even extreme pain. Additionally, if the injuries are not treated in a timely manner, they could worsen and result to permanent bone or muscle damage.

An injured athlete can go to a trusted orthopedic doctor in northern New Jersey for the proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Remedies may involve a cold or hot compress, pain relievers, physical therapy, and chiropractic. In cases of serious injuries, surgery may be needed and the orthopedic doctor may refer the patient to a surgeon.


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