Orthopedic Doctor in Northern NJ Treats Patients with Runner’s Knee

One effective alternative used by some doctors, like Dr. Shahab, a renowned orthopedic doctor in northern NJ, is hyalgan intra-articular injection. The treatment, which is administered weekly over a course of three to five weeks, involves injecting sodium hyaluronate into the affected area of the knee joint. A gel-like substance, sodium hyaluronate is chemically similar to the synovial fluid in the joint, and lubricates and protects the joint to ease pain.

Hyalgan injections are sometimes also used in conjunction with a prescription to use an unloading brace, which eases pressure on the knee joint by unburdening it of some load-bearing weight. Used together, these treatments can see a runner return to the sport he loves in less time and benefit from long-lasting results.


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