Bergen County Back Pain Expert Offers Case for Non-Invasive Treatment

“Dr. Maz adds that in most of his back pain patients, he discovers a miscommunication between the brain and the brain stem. In particular, the cerebellum, which controls the spinal postural muscles, “misfires” or fails to send signals properly to the back muscles. When this happens, one side of the postural muscles spasm constantly, causing imbalances in the spinal bones, which ultimately lead to chronic back pain.

At Dr. Maz’s practice—the MedWell Spine, OsteoArthritis & Neuropathy Center—patients undergo careful structural, neurological, and metabolic evaluations to find out which parts of the brain are misfiring. Then, hands-on physical therapy, supervised exercise, and nutrition counseling are employed to fix the disconnect and relieve clients of chronic pain.”


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